At Harvest Family Church, you will be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you. We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive here. All you have to do from here is come as you are and find out more for yourself!

Overview of the Sunday morning service


Our service is every Sunday from 11:00-12:00


Praise & worship (15-20 minutes)

High-energy and expressive praise & worship music.

you may be thinking, why do we do this?

We believe that praise & worship is the only gift we can give God in return for all He has done in our lives. So we lift our voices together in song, clap and raise our hands, and meditate on God during this time. It’s how we express our love for God.

There is no pressure or judgement towards anyone who does not participate. Just do what makes you feel comfortable!


Tithes and offering (5 minutes)

Why do churches always want my money???

There are a couple reasons, and none of them at Harvest Family Church are to get rich. Regardless, there is absolutely no pressure on any visitors or Harvest Family Members to give their money during this part of the service.

First, according to the Word of God (the Bible) we believe that by giving 10% of our income to God, He will bless the remaining 90% more than we could have ever done with the 100% on our own.

Secondly, we believe that bringing people to Jesus is the most important duty each of us are apart of. By giving, we are supporting a church that will have an eternal impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Lastly, we are apart of multiple outreach missions around the globe. By giving, we are able to help people all around the world!

So it’s a blessing for us to give! But again, no one is viewed negatively for not giving.


Sermon (35 minutes)

Fun, thought-provoking and engaging messages based on the Bible.

Everything else

Parking, Kids check-in + Kids Ministry, Attire, Restroom location, Seating + Pre-Service, and Heading home.


Parking at Harvest Family Church is a breeze. We have more than enough of parking spots and we have uplifting music playing in the parking lot. You will be greeted in the lobby where we have fresh coffee waiting for you! The greeter can point you in the right direction for whatever you need.

Kids check-in


Kids ministry

We have an amazing, trusted team of volunteers who get so much fulfillment out of caring for the many kids of Harvest Family Church. Our kids ministry covers all ages from 0-12. We have a Mom’s room, 3 nurseries for different age groups and a bunch of fun stuff for the older kids; ping pong, video games, basketball arcade game, board games and awesome music.

Your kids will receive a biblical teaching that is age appropriate.

The safety of Harvest Family Church’s children is top priority for us. We have multiple simple-to-use check-in computers that only take minutes to register for which a volunteer can help you with. We also have keypad entry door handles so no one will be able to interact with your children that we have not vetted and approved for the job!

A friendly greeter on Sunday morning will take you and your kids where you need to go :)


We don’t care what you wear.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Most Harvest Family Members keep it pretty casual. If you need specifics; jeans and a tee are totally cool here.

Restroom locations

The restrooms are very easy to find. Exit the main auditorium on either side and simply follow the signs.

We also have 2 family restrooms.




Following Harvey, we went through a 13-month renovation process so now our buildings and spaces are literally new. There is plenty of seating, so sit wherever you feel comfortable!

Enjoy some coffee and light-hearted banter with our Harvest Family Members, or simply relax and enjoy whatever is on the screens for your pleasure before service begins!

Heading home

When service is over, feel free to hang around and chat with other Harvest Family Members for a little bit! Connecting and “Belonging” are a big part of our Church Vision.

If you have children, go check them out and head to the lobby where you can have a chat with Pastors Brooke and Paul Capehart and our “Dream Team” volunteers who have been serving that day!

If you would like to learn more about what becoming a Harvest Family Member looks like, click the button below! This is where the real fun begins!